In this article, we are going to examine who invented darts, what is the history of darts, and all the related information that will help you gain a bit more knowledge about your favorite party game. Darts is a game that has been around for centuries, and the exact inventor of this game is not known.  It may have originated in England or France. 

The earliest known written records of the game date back to 15th century France by King Henry II, who would occasionally play with his courtiers.  Darts is throwing small metal objects at a circular target board.  The game can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where archaeologists found evidence of the game on papyrus paper.  The game was popular throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, and it is still an enjoyable pastime for children and adults alike today.

 who invented darts
who invented darts

The most important question, then, may seem arbitrary- who invented darts?  However, there is no conclusive answer.  This article will focus on the origins of darts how it has grown to become one of the most popular sports in pubs across Britain.

Darts in the beginning:

Darts began in medieval times when people would throw arrows at a target, but the game evolved with the development of firearms.  Darts became more popular during World War II when soldiers would use their weapons at military posts for entertainment.  With time, these posts grew into pubs where darts became a national pastime still played today.  Darts is a game which, while not as popular in North America, is quite popular in the UK and some other parts of Europe.  It comes with various variations and some competitive formats, but it’s an entertaining and social game at its core.  While there are some global tournaments and leagues, darts also have a long and rich history that has been passed down through generations.

Darts is an ancient game that has evolved.  It started as a game of skill played on the streets of England.  The game consists of throwing flights into the board to get darts into the highest scoring area.  This game has many different types and variations, but they all share the same essential objective-to score points by hitting various numbers and letters on the board.

History of darts:

 who invented darts
who invented darts

Darts is a game that originated in medieval England.  Records found date back to the year 1320, which was when King Edward II banned citizens from playing it.  The game became popular with soldiers fighting in WWII for its availability and simplicity.  After the war, the sport grew again in popularity as pubs began sponsoring dart leagues.

This game originated in the British Isles.  The game became famous throughout England, France, and Ireland by the late 1400s.  Darts throwing games were depicted in medieval artworks like “The Drunkenness of Noah” and “The Temptation of Eve.” Closely tied to pub culture, people created many darts games to keep themselves busy with little money, much like the ancient Romans did with throwing dice.

Darts is an action game.  One player throws the dart, which must point at the board.  Players score points by hitting one or more of the three concentric circles on the dartboard.  The outside circle is worth 20 points, the middle is worth 25, and the small inner circle is worth 50 points.  Points are totaled by how many numbers are hit, but players can’t keep throwing darts after they have surpassed 501 points.

Darts in royal court:

The Royal Courts used to be the only place where people could enjoy darts, but now darts can find it in pubs across London.  Dartboards are any board that throws darts at a target.  The game of darts originated in English pubs as early as the 1600s.  It was initially known as arrow shooting and eventually found its way to the royal courts.  Over time, the game evolved with players throwing weighted arrows at a board with various numbers on it.  Nowadays, Darts are played by two players standing at opposite ends of a pitch (a square-shaped dartboard), throwing three darts per turn.

The game of darts has long been seen as a game for the older man at the pub.  However, that mentality is changing as pubs are now full of dartboards and younger people picking up the game.  Darts have exploded in popularity over the last few years, especially among young adults.  People can find the game in many bars across London and in cafés and other places for anyone to play.

Twentieth-century darts:

Despite the emergence of darts as a popular sport in the 1970s, Darts have not emerged as a competitive spectator sport.  However, this has not stopped the game’s progress worldwide from becoming more and more prominent with its emergence in various niche communities.  In Australia, for example, many competitions occur every year where locals compete in teams for various prizes.  One such competition is The Australian National 10 Dart Singles Championship, run by the National Darts Association.

Darts first made their way into the United States in the 1800s with German immigrants, but it wasn’t until after Prohibition that dartboards became a mainstay.  The game has become increasingly popular as dart-throwing bars such as Shady Pines Saloon and Drinkery popped up around Philadelphia, and “dart leagues” started to form.


We want to tell you the truth about darts.  William Tell invented the game in his time off from shooting apple-pies out of his son’s head.  It is a combination of throwing and witchcraft. Now that you know the truth about darts, we challenge you to play your best game at your next dart tournament.

Darts is a game that is relatively new, but it’s roots can be traced back to the 14th century and the beginnings of archery. Darts has been a part of various cultures from around the world, which shows its significance as a global sport. As we mentioned all the details about who invented darts, so take a moment to check them out so you can learn a bit more about your game.