Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet Review
Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet Review

The Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet game board is the latest in dartboard technology, offering players three levels of protection against stray darts. The cabinet can mount on a wall or stand-alone depending upon the user’s preference. This cabinet provides an elegant solution for storing and displaying darts during off-game time. The interior level has room for two darts, while the top floor has storage for three sets.

The Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet is your solution for a cabinet free of darts but still offers storage convenience. The cabinet hides your dartboard in an easily accessible location that can be quickly closed to avoid distractions during use. The top of the cabinet has holes drilled into it for easy hanging on any wall or door, and it includes a steel mounting bracket to make installation even more accessible. In this article, we will tell you about all the important points of the Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet.


One of the most popular dartboards on the market is Viper Hideaway, purchased at sporting goods stores. Unlike other dartboards, this one is only inches away from the ground, built of heavy-duty wood.

The cabinet also features a latch that opens quickly for easy access to the board, and it has a locking system that prevents others from playing. You can place this dartboard anywhere in your home or office because there’s no installation needed. Below are the detailed features of the Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet.

Avoid folding of darts

Under the entire dartboard, the region holds up to six darts upstanding. Try not to overlay the flights, and chalk for the scoreboard, so it doesn’t disappear. The most exciting part of the Hideaway is the included dartboard, implied for use with steel tip darts. The included dartboard is two-sided. You can play a regular round of darts, as 301 or cricket varieties on one side.

Avoid holes on Walls

It can keep the walls of your house safe. When you play darts, then due to the steel tip, there are chances to appear tiny small holes in your wall that does not look beautiful. So it keeps away those wholes from your beautiful house wall and gives a classy look.

Sleek design

This bureau will finish the appearance of any game room with an exemplary matte dark conventional completion. Try not to leave your divider unprotected from wayward tosses. The Hideaway has a covered completion intended to assimilate the hardest of effects. The sharp, smooth plan will supplement most stylistic layouts and guarantee that your dartboard doesn’t conflict with your style.

The Hideaway has vast loads of highlights to make it the best bureau for your requirements. The attractive entryway lock will hold the entryways back from swinging out and discouraging your rooms, while printed straightforwardly onto the entrances are scoreboards for both ’01 games and cricket. The pivots of the hideout’s entryway highlight an antique metal completion to finish the excellent look of this bureau.

Store darts in discipline

For the most part, Viper’s Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet is handsome and clean. It provides a perfect place to store your darts and hang them up when not in use. The cabinet hangs on the wall so you can put it anywhere you want to. It does not take up much space since it’s only 2 feet wide and 64 inches high.

Dart hold capacity

It holds one dartboard and three sets of darts with room for extra storage in the back. You could use the interior space to add more storage shelves or hooks if you’re handy. You can mount the cabinet on any wall without needing brackets.

The mounting hardware comes at a price, so installing this great foldable dartboard cabinet is easy. You can utilize it to keep your board safely stored away from the ground. The Viper Hideaway Cabinet also includes all the extras.


  • Easy installation.
  • Keep your dartboard safe and locked away.
  • Keep your dartboard off the floor.
  • All set up with everything you need for play.
  • You can hide it behind a sofa/couch.
  • You can position it near the TV.
  • Aerospace Quality Dartboard cabinet.


  • This cabinet is costly.


Why should you buy Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet?

Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet Review
Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet Review

The Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet is a stylish, innovative solution to the issue of where to put your dartboard without taking up valuable space. The top cabinet has two hinges to swing down, revealing the dartboard inside. Open storage below offers plenty of room for darts, chalk, and other accessories. This cabinet is made from solid hardwoods and has a beautiful rustic finish.

Users can mount the Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet on any wall. It is made of quality materials and will make your game more enjoyable. The cabinet includes four shelves, perfect for storing darts, dart flights, and other items. It also has two doors with an additional storage compartment for darts.

If you’re looking for a dart cabinet that is easy to assemble and You can transport anywhere, the Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet may be perfect for you. This cabinet features a unique design, which has an open side on the front of the cabinet. The Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet also features a spacious storage area on the inside of the cabinet, created by two shelves inside.


This dart cabinet is an excellent addition to any game room. It looks great, is of good quality, and has a unique design. The Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet is of excellent quality, has a unique design that will look great in any game room, and can hold up to three sets of darts.

The Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet is an excellent product for any home. It has a perfect size, and its weight is durable and looks good on any wall. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new dartboard cabinet.

The Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet has the perfect size, weight, durability, and design that make it an excellent option for homeowners looking to buy a new dartboard cabinet.

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