Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2
Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2

Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 dartboards are quality-based dartboards. Many people are familiar with the game of darts. However, few know about the new Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard, which promises to revolutionize dart games. The game remains unchanged, but the board is made of a translucent white material, making it easier to see the scores.

The Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard also has a blue LED light system that changes according to how far back someone throws their dart, automatically registers points. Many darters come with awe and excitement as the first-ever Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard was unveiled this past week.

The new dartboard has a large 18″ diameter, is equipped with a special fogless mirror, and features a bulls-eye so accurate that every dart thrown will surely be a strike! The Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard provides an exciting and fun experience for any darter and it is sure to impress spectators as well.


Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is the ultimate dartboard for any player, champion, or enthusiast. With a built-in self-healing surface, three colors to choose from (green, blue, and purple), and state-of-the-art electronics, this dartboard is unlike any other. Its sleek design is perfect for any home or bar with limited space.

The Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is more than just a dartboard; it is your partner in darts. This board includes Boards that include two sets of high-quality darts with extra flights and shafts. For this dartboard, six colors are available Black, White, Teal, Pink, Blue, and Purple.

It is time for another installment of Weird Animal Facts. Today’s topic is the unicorn eclipse dartboard. Yes, you read that correctly. A dartboard with a picture of unicorns on it. You can find this at your local dollar store, or if you are feeling like gambling, head to Vegas and see if they will bet on this one.

Proficient dartboard

The Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 fiber dartboard is an expert dartboard You can easily find it in park distance control Tournieren is utilized. The windscreen with clear numerals signs and consistent compartments on them and is furnished with an extremely meager insect with a rack show is made of metal.

Dartboard Density

This is additionally a significant variable in thinking about a dartboard. A dartboard with satisfactory thickness and thickness is neither too low nor excessively high. On the off chance that the dartboard is excessively thick, it will be hard for darts to infiltrate and remain on the board, and along these lines, you cannot score higher. Conversely, a flimsy dartboard will have a short life expectancy and require ordinary changes.


At whatever point it comes to wiring, a ton of cautious consideration ought to be paid to it as it has a basic influence in dominating the match. The wiring is utilized for isolating the playing area from the external edges. A decent wiring framework ought to have the option to advance exact targets and scores.

Additionally, the shading in this framework should be clear and striking so players can hit the darts at the objective.

Planned Use

Whatever dartboards you pick, the above all else thing you need to do is decide your planned use. You should know whether you take it home for games or competition practice.  Moreover, you should realize what sorts of players you are.


  • Low bounce-outs.
  • The highest quality boards are available.
  • It is great for both beginners and experts.
  • It will not hurt your fingers like other dartboards.
  • Comes with a package of 3 darts and scoring targets.
  • Made from a textured material that makes the darts stick to the board.
  • The material is durable and easy to maintain, unlike corkboard dartboards.
  • Boards include two sets of high-quality darts with extra flights and shafts.
  • Comes with a mounting kit for easy installation.


  • Expensive

Why should you buy Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2?

Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2
Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2

Do you want to improve your game? You should buy the Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard. It comes with a full set of darts and instructions on how to play. It creates out of extremely durable materials, so it can withstand years of use. The aluminum frame is 20% stronger than other frames on the market. The board has plenty of space for dart storage. It is also easy to hang up over your door or fireplace mantel!

When you are looking for a dartboard that will provide hours of entertainment, you might want to consider the Unicorn Eclipse Pro. The Unicorn Eclipse Pro comes with two sets of darts and a carabineer clip to carry your darts in. It also has a steel-coated wire core and has an extra thick playing surface for competitive play. In addition, it is easy to set up and take down when you are not playing anymore for a day.

If you are a serious dart player, then your dartboard is a pivotal part of your setup. Whether you are an avid fan or just love to throw darts with friends from time to time, there is something about the simple object that gives it a certain allure to those who love the sport. In order to get the most out of your game, it pays to have a quality dartboard at home.


The materials are nice and high quality, and it is easy to see that I will be able to enjoy this game for many years to come. If you were looking for a dartboard for your home or professional bar, I would highly recommend the Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 dartboard.

Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 dartboards are excellent quality boards that provide hours of entertainment. This is a great dartboard for people who want to play with friends or family. This darts game is perfect for those who like to play with friends or family. The darts make out of environmentally conscious materials, so it will not do any damage to the environment. This game is just as satisfying as playing for money because there’s no skill required to win.

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