How to sharpen darts
How to sharpen darts

The first thing you should keep in mind is how to sharpen darts. If playing darts is your passion and you want to become professionally involved in this game, you need to keep your game tools/darts sharp, clean, and should proper care just like your love for this game. You need care when the darts need to be sharpened, clean and when they need to be changed.

Can you know that when darts need to be sharpened by yourself? Certainly, you can learn it by yourself if you spend most of your time playing this game and learning as much as you can, but, for beginners, these things can readily be learned with time and continuous practice. We covered some basic information to learn about sharpening the darts and to know when they need to be sharpened and how to sharpen darts. Take a look at them to learn points in a friendly manner.

How do you know if the dart tip needs sharpening?

For beginners, who are just learning and practicing yet to become professional. They need to know that when you find something strange that you haven’t felt before with darts like when you throw the darts into the dartboard while playing the game and your darts fall off more frequently as compared to before you dart is blunt and it can make holes in your board or your sharpened dart tip look like a sharp needle So, Friend your darts need to be sharpened.

Sharpen them in a correct way, then play or practice again to become proficient.

How do blunt darts affect your dartboard?

When the darts are properly sharpened and you throw them into the board they move between the sisal fibers and push them out of the way but, when your dart is blunt it will push them in instead of pushing them out. As a result, the board begins to develop more permanent holes As a consequence, your dartboard may be damaged.

Are your darts getting burrs? How can you prevent this?

Whenever your dart contacts the rough floor or surface it will blunt your dart, not only that but your dartboard will also be affected. Burrs are known as such.

When you buy a dartboard, always make sure that the dartboard back should be in good condition. As an example, a dart mat is placed below the dartboard to add additional cushioning. By doing so, the tip will be protected from coming into contact with rigid surfaces, like floors.

How many types of sharpeners for sharpening the darts?

In general, dart sharpening can be done three different ways. Three dart sharpeners are included in this kit: a manual sharpener, an electric sharpener, and sandpaper. With these sharpeners, you can prepare your darts for the next game by sharpening them ahead of time. Listed below are the steps on how to sharpen darts. Take a moment to read them carefully and sharpen your darts.

Manual dart Sharpener

In order to get an exact shape with the manual sharpener, you must first learn the angles or points at which you need to position the darts in the sharpener. Practicing these angles will allow you to achieve what you truly desire. The price of manual sharpeners is lower than that of other sharpeners.

The sharpener does not have to be charged to use it, so you can do it whenever you want. It can be done by anyone, at any time, without the risk of a dead sharpener battery. Therefore, when you are familiar with the method, this is the best way to sharpen darts.

Electric dart Sharpener

Your life will be easier with this sharpener. If you’re a beginner who’s afraid of using a manual sharpener, this is the best option. You can easily sharpen your darts with it and save a lot of time. Professionals can benefit from this as well, as it can save them a lot of time. All you have to do is set the points or angles, and this will work of itself.


In comparison to the two other methods we discussed, this is the most time-consuming method of sharpening the darts. What will you have to do? It is simple: put the dart on sandpaper or grinding paper and rub it from all sides equally to get the best shape. It can perfectly work on the points.

Dart Sharpeners: What to Consider

The most important thing you should keep in mind while choosing a sharpener for darts is that dart sharpeners must be in the form of cylinders or bowls and that they should be made of stone. Sharpeners must also be small and easy to hold. 

Final Thoughts

The process of sharpening darts is not too challenging. Learning comes from practicing regularly and from your mistakes. Ideally, you should be cautious when sharpening the darts. The darts shouldn’t be too sharp or too blunt as this may damage the dartboard. In order to clear up your doubt, we discussed the points above about how to sharpen darts. Read and understand the information presented above.