How To Play 501 Darts

When playing darts is your passion, and your love for this game is infinity then it’s impossible that you don’t know about 501 darts, The 501 darts game is very similar to the 301 darts game. Those who are professional players in the 301 darts game can also become pro players in the 501 darts game. But, if you are just watching these games on TV, then it is very important to know how to play 501 Darts and other pertinent games that are related to Darts. To win the game, you must follow the rules and steps of the game. In order for beginners to play at the highest level, they must first learn and practice until they are proficient.

In this article, we will discuss the rules and important steps of how to play 501 darts which can help you learn quickly and win a game.

Number of Players

In the 501 darts game, you just need one opponent player to play with you. In addition, you have the option to make a team and you can add players as per your choice. There is no restriction about it.

Scoring Board

A scoreboard is needed when a game is being played in order to properly count our progress. With the help of a scoreboard, we can remember the score or point that we earned when playing the game easier. 

In the end, once we reach the end of the game, we will be able to calculate the scores and determine who won the game. In the beginning, it is not necessary to buy an electronic scoreboard and an expensive one. Initially, a simple or manual scoreboard is a good choice.

How to Play 501 Darts

To start each game, you must do the task/toss to determine who is going first. Whether you are flinging the coin in the air or throwing the dart at a dartboard, you are looking to see whose dart hits the bullseye closest or which side of the coin came. Therefore, the task/toss identifies who goes first to play their turn. You can start the game when you clearly know who will play first. 

how to play 501 darts.
how to play 501 darts.

At the start of the game, you will get 501 points, so you need to reach zero as soon as possible. 

The dart can be thrown three times during each round. It’s beneficial if you get double or triple points in your starts of the game. This will enable you to get to zero points faster and make you the winner.

Each round will reduce your total score from 501 after it has been completed.

Suppose you earned 50 points in your 1st round. So, 50 points will be subtracted from 501, and 451 will be left. Repeat this procedure until you do not reach zero or the last round. 

Your learning and practicing will help you to achieve the highest point of the dartboard easily and it will help you to take you close to the win.

The player who reaches the zero point first wins the game clearly. If, however, you fail to decrease your score rapidly and do not reach zero, then the closest player to zero will win.

Scoring strategy

Here is the strategy for getting the highest points and decreasing the score quickly to reach zero.

  • Getting to any point whenever you want requires time and effort. Playing baseball darts will practice you for achieving any point from the dartboard that you desire.
  • Hitting the bullseye will score you 50 points and count as a double. Therefore, it’s a bonus point to get your points down fast!
  • A dart that hits the outer area of ​​the bullseye gives you 25 points, which can put you at the winning point quite quickly.
  • A dart that hits the inner ring earns you triple the value of the original point you received. Suppose you get 10 points, then it would be 30 points. In the same way, if you need 30 points to win, hit triple 10 points, which counts as 30 points and you will win right now.
  • You will increase your value by double in case you hit the outer ring.
  • In other words, these are the best strategies to exit the game quickly and become the winner. You need to focus on that point and practice in order to achieve it with ease.

Trips and Tricks

  • When you’re new to this, devote your precious time to practicing. It will help you to know every strategy of throwing the dart and you’ll be familiar with the dartboard’s corners
  • You should aim to get double or triple points from the very start of the game
  • As a beginner, you should try to get double or triple points, but if it’s not possible you should just collect any of the points on the dartboard without missing any shots
  • Playing any game successfully requires practice, learning, and improvement

Final Thought

The 501 Darts game has been described in this article in an extremely friendly manner, with the steps and rules included. Hopefully, this article helped you and gave you more information about how to play 501 darts. When you have a clear intention to accomplish something related to your dream, you can put all your efforts into it. In other words, complete your dream and endeavor to improve it.