How to Play 301 Darts

Those that love this game must be very familiar with the game of 301 darts but, for beginners who are new in this, they don’t know how to play 301 darts game so this information will help them for sure. This game is quite simple, but those who just starting out must be aware of the rules and regulations before studying the steps needed to win. The game is similar to 501 darts. All dart games are simple in playing and concept; however, to play and win a darts 301 game, you need many skills, tricks, and expertise.

But still, don’t worry, I will share everything that you need to play and win darts 301. You can win with these tricks even if you are a total beginner.

In this article, we will share how to play 301 darts with some simple yet essential steps for you to follow.

Participants in Darts 301

In this game, you need one opponent player to play with you or there is another option to make the team. The number of players in the team can be increased as much as you wish.

The aim of Darts 301

For this game to be won, you need to get the zero number as soon as possible. To win the game faster, you should aim for the higher number of the dartboard since when you subtract the higher number from 301, it decreases quicker than the smallest number.

As a result, All the numbers on the board can be accepted because you will get the points a bit; instead, you miss the dart shot. However, the most beneficial numbers are 19 or 20 since they will provide high percentage points and enable you to get out of the game faster and ultimately win.

 Learn the basics of darts 301

A beginner or intermediate player may take longer to reach the point of zero, while the professional will achieve it quicker than them. To become proficient at this game, beginners and intermediate players will need to practice more.

It is recommended that beginners go for numbers that provide them with a double score to get to zero faster and win the game more quickly.

In addition, you can look at those numbers whom you are used to getting it quickly. If you can, try to hit the triple 20, as this gives you the most points. However, this is not easy for many players to achieve.

How To Play Darts 301?

How to Play 301 Darts

You will play this game by doing the task first. Once you have done the task, you will know who goes first. Alternatively, you can throw your dart on the dartboard whose dart lands closest to the bullseye; that player will win the task and play first.

Once you decide who goes first, you begin the game from the number 301. The goal is to get to zero to win the game. How can you accomplish this? You need to collect higher numbers that will help you reach your destination. For example, if you got a single number 5, 10, 15, it would equal 30. So you would collect 30 points over your three shots of the dart. In this case, you would subtract these numbers from 301, so 271 would be left. The same as subtracting your getting numbers with the total number; for instance, you got 35 numbers in the second round. You would subtract those by 271 and then subtract by 236 and do the same like this. Your number would decrease, and you would be closer to winning. Getting the double or triple numbers increases your chances of reaching zero first and winning the game.

Ending on a double points

Double point’s numbers can be achieved by gaining as much knowledge as possible about this game. Despite being a beginner, you can accomplish double points with practice and learning.

If, for instance, you need 40 points for victory, you must hit the double 20 so that you get 40 points, and you will be a win. But if you do not hit the double 20, your score will remain 20. In that case, you should hit the double 10, so you’ll get 20 points, and you’ll become the winner of this game.

Some tricks and tips to win

In 301, as in any dart game, there is some trickery involved. Numbers with high scoring points such as 18, 19, and 20 result in high scoring, and it’s good for winning the game. Focus from the start of the game to getting the double and triple point numbers until you haven’t reached 160 or less.

With those points, you will be able to get to zero quicker and win the game.

Final Thought

You should be familiar with the basic rules of the game before playing at a favorite place. To learn the steps of the game, you can use a simple dartboard and use a manual scorer, and after that, When you’re ready to upscale, you can go for an expensive one or an electronic dartboard.

For your dartboard career, you should be passionate, always eager to learn, and persistent.