Harrows Ace Darts Case
Harrows Ace Darts Case

It takes a lot of regular, hard work to become successful at darts; why would you want to lose all of that effort and time by not properly maintaining your equipment? Flights can flatter, softer tip pointers can bend, metallic tips can dull, and even shafts can chip, making darts more vulnerable to damage than one might assume.

Overall, you must invest in a suitable dart case if you want to preserve your darts and ensure their longevity. Thankfully, the industry is filled, and you have dozens of possibilities to select from; yet, having too many options can make it tough to make a decision. In this article, we will tell you about Harrow ACE Darts Case.

Features of Harrows Ace Darts Case

The Ace Case is a top-of-the-line, thin wallet-style hard case designed to safeguard your fully built darts. This is a fantastic product and one of the best dart cases I have come across for quick access. It is small enough to fit in a wallet, glove compartment, or purse. There is no reason not to maintain a set of darts on hand with this case. Below are some features of the Harrow ACE Darts Case.

High-quality metal

Harrows Ace Darts Case
Harrows Ace Darts Case

The Ace Case from Build Harrows is a tiny wallet-style protective case that protects your fully completed darts. The Ace Case has a solid and substantial feel about it. Considering its modest shape and mass, it is surprising how sturdy it feels in your palms. It’s also quite light, so carrying it about won’t be a problem. Harrows even included a high heavy metal carabiner with your order so you can put your case anywhere you like for added convenience.

On the outside, there’s a nice tactile rubber covering, and on the inside, there’s a sturdy, elevated nylon fabric finishing.


The Ace Case is small and light, making it easy to carry along in your palm. It is only 105 millimeters wide at its widest point. It measures 185 millimeters in length and 22 millimeters in depth. Because of the high quality of the raw product used in its construction, Harrows is able to provide a long-lasting and lightweight product. The Harrow ACE Darts Case is roughly 141 grams in weight.

Let me reveal a tiny secret to you. One whole set of three darts is supposed to fit within the case. However, this is a falsehood because there is enough room within the case to store up to 6 darts.

Slim Wallet

This is without a doubt one of the best examples I’ve ever seen. It has the most space in the slim wallet case category. All of the materials utilized in its construction are of the highest grade. The strong rubber exterior is durable and offers excellent protection. The interior of the nylon bag is well-stitched. The zippered box appears to be well-made. Harrows are the world’s most well-known and widely sold darts brand. You won’t be disappointed with the Harrows Ace Case if you’re searching for a pocket case.

Darts arrangement

Harrows Ace Darts Case
Harrows Ace Darts Case

An unbending case holds two arrangements of completely collected darts and can be utilized for delicate or steel tip darts. The case is accessible in dark, red, and water. Harrows went through two years fostering the case, I accept for the most part in getting the shape perfectly to work with the EVA froth embed. It has a decent breath-taking ergonomic shape, which sits pleasantly and easily in the hand. The case is canvassed in an impersonation cowhide and has a top and base cover, which are kept secure with press studs. When you eliminate the cover, you will see different openings and spaces. The enormous openings are the place where you embed the darts and the marginally more modest openings are the place where the darts from the opposite end jab through. There are additionally three little openings on each end for holding stems of delicate tips.

There is a little space each finish to hold flights and a bigger slender opening for holding cards, for example, the player cards utilized in delicate tip machines. The case additionally has a cord tie so you can circle around your wrist assuming you want.

Its generally conveniently made and exceptionally powerful so keeps everything free from any danger. It’s additionally conceivable to have shaped trips in however I surmise length and width could be the possible issue, assuming they are too long or wide the cover may not close, yet as long as it’s generally expected size it ought to be fine.


  • Hard case, but lightweight and has a nice tactile rubber coating.
  • Zipper seems sturdy, includes a small metal carabiner to hang it where you please.
  • Darts have 330 length shafts and you could possibly fit up to a 1/2″ longer dart.
  • Darts fit perfectly, fully assembled, flight shape holder is the best design touch.
  • It gives perfect protection to the darts


  • The grooves that hold the shafts are too big.

Why you should buy Harrows Ace Darts Case?

If you have dartboard to play or you are playing dartboard for years passionately then it’s time to use some accessories to update your dartboard. Dart case is one of them. The Harrows Ace Darts Case is ideal for storing and protecting your darts from harm. The Ace Darts case allows you to keep your darts together while storing them.

The case includes a tough shell and extra storage space for accessories. You can choose the color whatever you want black or grey.


It’s a gorgeous vogue case and sensibly estimated as well. The main negatives are the focuses jab through each end yet I never hit a finger and the main other issue is certain individuals might need more extra room. I think in the event that you just need a base however it’s a tasteful thing to utilize and decent quality. Above we have told you about Harrow ACE Darts Case. This is a beautiful case and also useful for the darts storing in a disciplined way.

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